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Jenny Disabilities Lakewood, Ca USA

Autism awareness and acceptance are very important to me.

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Cheryl Ginnings Disabilities Lawton, Oklahoma United States

I am a voice for those who have no voice and try to support those who are caregivers of those with special needs or of parents with Alzheimer's or Dementia. It is a difficult stage of life when families get the news that a parent or child needs to be cared for the rest of their lives. It often requires a person to quit a job they love or need to be home. It is a lonely job and caregivers are not understood. I want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of those who need their ...

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This Could Be You

This Could Be You! Hometown, USA

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Michael Hingson Disabilities Victorville, CA United States

I have formed Roselle's Dream Foundation to raise funds to assist blind students and employees to purchase technology otherwise unavailable to them. Many Braille Notetakers and other assistive devices are unaffordable to individuals especially when state and National funding is so low. The goal of the Foundation is to raise funds in order to provide half the purchase price of any technologies individuals cannot otherwise purchase in total.

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Ronald Robb Disabilities Ada, MI United States

Thirty five years ago a father took his quadriplegic son through a five mile race in a standard wheelchair. The duo finished second to last, and although the father enjoyed the event he was glad when it was over.

But when they returned home the son programmed into his voice synthesizer "hey dad, when we are racing it feels like my disability disappears".

The father/son team, aka Team Hoyt, continued to race and eventually competed in the grueling Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon. A YouTube video of Team Hoyt completing this event went viral, and in 2007 the ...

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