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Yvette Pegues, Ed.D(c)

Yvette Pegues, Ed.D(c) Disabilities Atlanta, GA USA

Growing through my Cause and Purpose allows me to relate to the audience in a unique way by way of life-perspective across many intersections: wife, mom, engineer, educator, business professional, woman of color, fortune 100 technology leader, adaptive athlete and so much more. I've also shared how going from making 7-figures to owing 7-figures impacted our lifestyle, marriage and ministry after a single life-changing event. Transformation peaked when the mantra, "God, Grace and Education" resonated to a large people group that has yet to understand 4 out of every 6 people (in the U.S. alone) either have a visible, invisible disability or ...

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Dean Rissler Disabilities Newark, DE USA

I encourage people with disabilities to look past their limitations. God made you for a purpose. Joni Erickson-Tada has been a quadraplegic for 50 years. She went through depression, anxiety and many more challenges. Her life story is a moving tale of how God strengthened her and helped her have the resolve to start an organization serving handicapped people and she got married; just to name a few of her accomplishments. She is a hero to many.

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Michael Hingson

Michael Hingson Disabilities Victorville, CA United States

I have formed Roselle's Dream Foundation to raise funds to assist blind students and employees to purchase technology otherwise unavailable to them. Many Braille Notetakers and other assistive devices are unaffordable to individuals especially when state and National funding is so low. The goal of the Foundation is to raise funds in order to provide half the purchase price of any technologies individuals cannot otherwise purchase in total.

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sue ryerson Disabilities Atlanta, Georgia USA

Fighting the stigma that mentally ill people cannot contribute to society. Teaching skills to patients, family, friends, and anyone else that's interested. I would like to contribute to organizations that are interested in new and innovative techniques in helping people with mental health issues.

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Ronald Robb

Ronald Robb Disabilities Ada, MI United States

Thirty five years ago a father took his quadriplegic son through a five mile race in a standard wheelchair. The duo finished second to last, and although the father enjoyed the event he was glad when it was over.

But when they returned home the son programmed into his voice synthesizer "hey dad, when we are racing it feels like my disability disappears".

The father/son team, aka Team Hoyt, continued to race and eventually competed in the grueling Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon. A YouTube video of Team Hoyt completing this event went viral, and in 2007 the ...

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