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Known as “The Motivator,” Michael is a former NYPD Special Investigator and bestselling author. He is the survivor of a bizarre double murder attempt on his life. During his tenure in the intelligence division, he was assigned to protect the Shah of Iran and Madame Chang of Taiwan. He has personally met four U.S. Presidents. Michael was assigned as the intelligence officer to the U.S. State Department, where he participated in treaty negotiations between the United States and Turkey. During his tenure in the Police Department while he worked as a part-time tax accountant Michael discovered a flaw in the NYC Payroll procedures. In 1981, he proposed a change to the NYC disability law, which when enacted, saved the city over $200 million, reduced taxes and balanced the city’s budget. He retired from the Police Department and joined the corporate sector in finance and management. After losing three corporate positions, and nearly bankrupt, during the worst recession of the last century he was motivated to embark on his own. Applying his own style of management, he was nominated by a national magazine for operating the best company in America in his field. Achieving success, he returned to his old beliefs and started to take care of the less fortunate. His work for various charities earned him the respect and praise of his community. In 2003, he was cited by both houses of the New York State Legislature in Senate and Assembly Resolutions as Humanitarian of the Year. He holds a Bachelors Degree Magna Cum Laude in Behavioral Sciences from the New York Institute of Technology and a Masters with Distinction in Public Administration from Long Island University. As an adjunct professor, he taught Political Science and Public Administration at William Patterson College in New Jersey. He is a guest lecturer for the Executive MBA Program at Florida Atlantic University's College of Business. He has also been a guest lecturer at numerous other colleges and universities. In 2008, he presented the keynote address to the graduate school commencement at the New York Institute of Technology. He is a Bestselling Author of thee books. “Success By Default– The Depersonalization Of Corporate America” Forbes Magazine book club review said, “This book belongs on the desk of every CEO in America.” “Where Did My America Go?” Listed as #6 on the Amazon bestseller list. New York Post columnist Steve Dunleavy said, “My only regret is that I didn’t write it.” His first novel, "The Conversion Prophecy," was chosen as Best Book in Fiction for 2015, By Books & Authors. It has been written as a screen play for the Hollywood screen. Honors & Awards • Selected among others as 2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year. • Guest appearances on over 350 national radio and television programs Including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, FOX and others. • He has appeared as a panelist on the Fox Business News show The Mangru Report. • He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Florida Atlantic University College of Business, an active member of the Forum Club, World Affairs Council and Economic Forum. As a national political, business and motivational speaker, Michael is sought after by many organizations, corporations and colleges. He is known as the speaker who leaves his audiences laughing, inspired, and begging for more. As a business consultant and coach he has helped many entrepreneurs large and small take their businesses beyond the next level.




How to become the second mouse who always gets the cheese. Does the world need another business speaker? Not unless that speaker has something unique to say about the world of business and is told from a unique perspective. Michael is that speaker. Through his wit and wisdom Michael shows his audiences why the best time to start or expand a business may be during bad economic times. That is just what the speaker did. He started his business during one of the worst recessions of the 20th century and blew his competitors out of the water. You may have trouble controlling your laughter as Michael's humor keeps you on the edge of your seat begging for more, as he relives the lessons he learned in life and business that he shares with you. Although very humorous, he is extremely serious as he shares with you his life's ups and downs from surviving a bizarre double assassination attempt on his life to the reinvention of himself. From being broke and almost bankrupt to becoming a millionaire in less than five years during the worst recession in America. He went from being a nobody to being named as the best company in America in his field. How to prosper your business during bad economic times will leave your audience with hope not despair. You will learn how to make your business grow while others are struggling just to keep their heads above water. In this enlightening talk Michael offers guidance on how to step outside your business and take a long hard look at it. Though his witty but serious view he shows his audience how to think not only outside the box, but how to make it work for you. It is more than entertainment it is enlightenment.

DON’T LET A WORKPLACE VIOLENT INCIDENT TURN INTO THE NEXT ACTION MOVIE YOU STAR IN! You just came back from lunch to find a gunman holding your staff hostage. Someone barged into your office with a gun. Do you know what to do? As a survivor of a failed double assassination attempt on my life and a special investigator as a member of the New York Police Department, I have helped many organizations understand the value of being prepared for any sudden emergency in the work place or in the public domain. Understanding terrorism or violence is a must for any organization, no matter how large or small. Terrorist threats are plentiful around the globe, but when those threats hit close to home, they can be extremely concerning. Because most acts of terrorism in the U.S. have occurred where people work, and play and because corporations and the workplace have been identified as high value targets of terrorism, it is essential that preparedness, response and recovery occur in occupational settings. Learn how to become aware of not only your surroundings, but what to do before, during and after a tragedy. Being prepared is the key to surviving, so you don't become the next headline. Learn the techniques of survival that can help you go home to your family at the end of the day. You must know how and when to Run, Hide or Fight, so if you are involved in an incident, it doesn’t end up on the Hollywood screen.

In the cutthroat world of business, many aspiring moguls reject kindness as a virtue and develop a sharp competitive edge that can wound struggling colleagues. For those who wish to rise to the top without knocking others down, Michael Solomon offers guidance in how to put the humanness back into business. No matter what business you are in, no matter what your product or service, the only thing that runs a business is people. Through his own struggles with unscrupulous entrepreneurs, that left him unemployed and close to bankruptcy the speaker has developed a business plan steeped in humanism, which he now shares with his audiences. His plan led him to being nominated as the best company in America in his field by a national magazine. Based on his book “Success By Default: The Depersonalization of Corporate America.” It's not just entertainment, it is enlightenment.



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