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Rita Badaloni Hodges Hunger and Poverty Clarksville, Tennessee United States

Research and statistics show that at least 20% of our country lives below the poverty line, some states up to 30%. And in 2012 more than 49 million Americans lived in food insecure households, meaning they went to bed hungry. 33.1 million were adults and 15.9 million were children. This is one of the places we end up with homeless children under the age of 18 because their parents can no longer provide for them so they either kick them out or they run away instead of the parents finding other solutions. We as a society need to help make other solutions and avenues possible for these ...

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David Robertson Hunger and Poverty chicago , IL

This winter HOPE IS partners with Father Plegder of St. Sabina Church to initiate a "HOPE IS Chicago" project to wrap those in need with hope. Founder David D. Robertson, a social entrepreneur, developed the organization as an intergenerational movement around the advocacy of a healthy and hopeful life within urban communities across the United States and globally.

HOPE IS uses art, philanthropy, technology and merchandise to raise awareness and educate for today's most urgent social causes: HIV/AIDS, overall healthy choices, violence, poverty, education and hunger.

This winter HOPE IS has a goal to collect and/or sponsor more ...

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This Could Be You

This Could Be You! Hometown, USA

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