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Neslyn Watson-Druee

Neslyn Watson-Druee General and International London, United Kingdom

Freedom International Now supports hunger project and other worthy cause

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Allison Toepperwein General and International Houston, Texas United States

Beginning January 1st, Lit Within will be a 501c3. I plan to help monetarily with Parkinson's organizations, as well as anti-bullying organizations and other organizations that help build both children and adults up.

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Kevin Warren

Kevin Warren General and International Orlando, FL

Not only do I believe I can change the world, I believe it's my responsibility to do so! I have a gift to connect and inspire young & old to not create a new "them" but become the BEST them. I've experienced a lot in my years, I have the ability to articulate my pain and the boldness to be honest with our youth. Quick words from the kids after only a 2 day workshop.... 10 Grade Students: -Name Omitted- May 10 at 3:08pm ยท Words I WILL live by. He changed my life honestly. Thank you sooo much Kevin Warren I look up to ...

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Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Belton PhD.,Ct.H.A.

Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Belton PhD.,Ct.H.A. General and International USA & International, NY & CA USA

Dr.Tranquility Live Events Presents Power Women Live.
Women who are top experts in their field coming together to train women & men in the positive persuits in Life,Love & business. Proving once & for all that a panel of all female experts can not only bring a crowd but wow them.

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Dr.T's Herbal Pet Anxiety Relief
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Mildred D. Muhammad

Mildred D. Muhammad General and International , USA

Domestic violence is a social disease around the world but not publicized until there is a case that is so brutal that it warrants attention. However, once the outrage is voiced, then the issue goes back into the shadows until the next brutal case! 80% of victims and survivors do not have physical scars to prove victimization. We hear about the physical assaults, but rarely do we hear of the emotional impact that the abuse has caused. have to come together to break these vicious cycles of abuse. Domestic abuse/violence affects all walks of life. From the very rich to ...

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