G.L. McClendon

G.L. McClendon Military Charities Valdosta, Georgia USA

Helping Veterans get back on their feet. We help with paper work for the VA. Give them food while we give them words of encouragement. Connect them with local job finders and get clothes for them to present in a good right manner.Continue to let them know they have a place of honor in the community.They help lead the fight to protect the country, Now we will help them, Donations used for the up keep of the vets food, clothing, bathing materials and transportation.

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Neslyn Watson-Druee

Neslyn Watson-Druee General and International London, United Kingdom

Freedom International Now supports hunger project and other worthy cause

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Basil Green

Basil Green Children and Youth Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa

Promoting responsible living to children and youth by raising awareness of the effects of alcohol and drug addiction.

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Erica Collins

Erica Collins Women's Issues New York, New York USA

Queendom and Kingdom Transformation Foundation Inc is a 501(c) 3 focused on the mind, body image and spirit of women, children and men. My first children's book entitled Eric and Ruby's Healthy Juice stand is a great educational tool written in English, French and Spanish it has health/wellness concepts as well as STEM activities.

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Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson --- Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania United States

Not sure what this is referring to but I am very passionate about animal rescue. I have 3 rescue dogs and have been involved in the animal rescue community for about 15 years.

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Allison Toepperwein General and International Houston, Texas United States

Beginning January 1st, Lit Within will be a 501c3. I plan to help monetarily with Parkinson's organizations, as well as anti-bullying organizations and other organizations that help build both children and adults up.

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Cary Carbonaro

Cary Carbonaro Women's Issues Clermont, Florida United States

This is for American Heart Assoication, Go Red for Women. I am the 2017 Honoree for Long Island.

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Michael Hingson

Michael Hingson Disabilities Victorville, CA United States

I have formed Roselle's Dream Foundation to raise funds to assist blind students and employees to purchase technology otherwise unavailable to them. Many Braille Notetakers and other assistive devices are unaffordable to individuals especially when state and National funding is so low. The goal of the Foundation is to raise funds in order to provide half the purchase price of any technologies individuals cannot otherwise purchase in total.

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Kevin Warren

Kevin Warren General and International Orlando, FL

Not only do I believe I can change the world, I believe it's my responsibility to do so! I have a gift to connect and inspire young & old to not create a new "them" but become the BEST them. I've experienced a lot in my years, I have the ability to articulate my pain and the boldness to be honest with our youth. Quick words from the kids after only a 2 day workshop.... 10 Grade Students: -Name Omitted- May 10 at 3:08pm · Words I WILL live by. He changed my life honestly. Thank you sooo much Kevin Warren I look up to ...

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Marlone Finley AA, B.A.S.c, MCSA, MCP, A+

Marlone Finley AA, B.A.S.c, MCSA, MCP, A+ Cultural & Education Cicero, IL USA

Despite claims and funding to the contrary, children in Chicago are not being taught what we call emociofinancial© literacy and intelligence. Therefore, there is no new generational wealth being created for the future. There are no real, measurable, tangible efforts to raise emociofinancial© literacy and intelligence for young people in urban centers.

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Stacy Jewell Lewis

Stacy Jewell Lewis Children and Youth Washington, DC USA

As a survivor of sex trafficking I understand all to well the risks that face our youth. Whoisstolen is a creative arts troupe that uses the arts to raise public awareness all over the country. From High Schools, to Boys & Girls Clubs, to the Senate Building, our performances educate, entertain and leave lasting impressions on audiences everywhere!

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Megan Cyrulewski

Megan Cyrulewski Children and Youth Detroit, Michigan USA

Troy Youth Assistance is a PREVENTION program. It is a volunteer-driven, 501(C)3 non-profit organization, one of 26 Youth Assistance programs in Oakland County. Each local Youth Assistance office is tri-sponsored by the Oakland County Circuit Court-Family Division, the local school district, and the city therein. The Oakland County Board of Commissioners provides major funding for a professional counselor in each unit.

Troy Youth Assistance provides confidential, short-term, family-centered counseling and referral services for youth, 16 years of age or younger, and their families who live in Troy or attend Troy schools. Referrals are accepted from school personnel, police, parents and other community ...

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Rita Badaloni Hodges

Rita Badaloni Hodges Hunger and Poverty Clarksville, Tennessee United States

Research and statistics show that at least 20% of our country lives below the poverty line, some states up to 30%. And in 2012 more than 49 million Americans lived in food insecure households, meaning they went to bed hungry. 33.1 million were adults and 15.9 million were children. This is one of the places we end up with homeless children under the age of 18 because their parents can no longer provide for them so they either kick them out or they run away instead of the parents finding other solutions. We as a society need to help make other solutions and avenues possible for these ...

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Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Belton PhD.,Ct.H.A.

Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Belton PhD.,Ct.H.A. General and International USA & International, NY & CA USA

Dr.Tranquility Live Events Presents Power Women Live.
Women who are top experts in their field coming together to train women & men in the positive persuits in Life,Love & business. Proving once & for all that a panel of all female experts can not only bring a crowd but wow them.

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Dr.T's Herbal Pet Anxiety Relief
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Javona Smith

Javona Smith Women's Issues Cleveland, Ohio United States

I am all about empowering women who may be having a difficult time moving forward in their lives personal or professionally due to some form of emotional baggage.

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