13 Responses to “Win a FREE One Year Membership in Speaker Sponsor”

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks, Julie, for all you do to help people find paid speaking gigs.

  2. Robert Keiper says:

    I’ve been a speaker and speaker coach for 25+ years. This sounds like an interesting opportunity – I’d love to hear from you.
    Robert Keiper

  3. Laura Moyers says:

    I am a speaker “wanna be” so I think this would be helpful! Thank you!!!

  4. Julie Austin says:

    Thanks Paul! The whole speaking industry is changing, so we have to find any way possible to get paid for our valuable time.

  5. Chris Weedin says:

    As a pro speaker, how can you pass this offer up?! Network, network, network, network… right, Julie? Thanks!

  6. Julie Austin says:

    Absolutely, Chris!

  7. Jordan Lampkin says:

    I’m the one. I want this opportunity.

  8. Felicity Joy says:

    I want to take advantage of and share this great opportunity!

  9. Lisa Jing says:

    Great opportunity! I’m eager to learn more, so I can reach more people.

  10. Christine Dargon says:

    I am seeking ways to expand my speaking opportunities. This would be wonderful. Thank you

  11. Julia Duffy says:

    Would love this opportunity, as it would exponentially help my exposure to reach a more massive audience in less time! What a concept!

  12. Oscar valenzuela says:

    Thank you Julie, I want to start a public speaking career and what better way than this.

  13. Julie Austin says:

    Hi Chantal, The Speaker Sponsor membership is only $9 a month. Also, you can sign up for the newsletter and we have 2 speaker sponsorship podcasts that will be launching soon.

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