Who could have guessed that the crowdfunding phenomenon would still be going strong since the launch of Kickstarter? If statistics are correct, it shows no signs of slowing down either. So Speaker Sponsor has launched its own brand of crowdfunding for speakers.

The idea came about because I heard people say that they would like to get their voice heard on a cause-related topic, but that they weren’t speakers. So the idea of crowdfunding for speakers sounded like a logical move. Many cause speakers were out speaking for free for the causes they believed in, but free doesn’t pay the bills. If speakers were able to generate donations for their time they could get out and speak about their topic more often.

In 2012 38% of all crowdfunding dollars went to social causes. This is good news for non-profits and for speakers who want to spread their cause related message.

Check out some of our cause speakers and help spread the word.