business speaker

business speaker

To be good at what you do, you should watch what others do. As a speaker I like to see everything, even the worst speakers because I can always learn from them. So, when I run across a really good speaker I feel like I can learn even more.

I did happen to see a good speaker who is also in my industry. I found him because I was curious to see who the company ended up hiring. After being in the running for the job I wanted to check him out. After seeing his video I could see why he was picked.

What makes a good speaker?

I’m not one who is impressed by all sizzle and no steak. So to be great, in my opinion, you have to have both. I’m not dazzled by BS, but like to hear great, unique information delivered well.

I quickly realized that this guy had done his homework. He had years of experience in the industry and had written a couple of books on the topic as well. He also knew his audience and it showed.

I’ve paid to see $25,000 speakers that I thought would also have great information delivered well and was very disappointed. Like I said, I’m not one who is dazzled by BS. (I’ve been in Hollywood too long) So, when someone is an A list speaker because they have a good publicist, yet falls short in the information department I feel cheated.

The first guy wasn’t on the A list. I had never heard of him. And I don’t think he is in the $25,000 speaker category. But if the two were side by side he would have blown the A list dude out of the water.

By seeing both of these speakers it really helped me to see what I needed to improve on. It also gave me some confidence that just because someone makes the big bucks, doesn’t mean they are better. I’ve worked in casting offices and I can tell you that is definitely not always the case.

Like I always say “You can learn something from everyone”.