Speaker couldn’t speak

As a speaker, we’re hired based on our ability to communicate. Our words pour out from the stage and educate, inspire, and affect those sitting in the audience. For a speaker, having a “voice” is everything. But what if that voice was taken away? I don’t mean figuratively, but literally. As a speaker, how would you handle it? What if a speaker couldn’t speak?

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Last month I had the honor of sharing the stage with one of the most amazing and inspiring speakers I’ve ever met, Cynthia DiBartolo. We were in Atlanta for the Cognizant Technology Solutions conference, which was held at the Jimmy Carter Museum. There were roughly 100 Fortune 500 executives and CEOs from Coca Cola, AT&T, etc. The topic was innovation and there were 4 keynote speakers who spoke about innovation from a different perspective. (more…)